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Excess Pallet Purchase

To be able to supply the tens of thousands of pallets to our used pallet customers we purchase excess pallets from a number of sources. These sources range from anumber of blue chip customers right down to small volume customers who may only have excess pallets once a year.

On arrival at any of our sites the pallets are sorted by type, size and quality and then added to our stocks. This wide range of pallet types means that not only can we guarantee the quality but also provide the customer with exactly what they need at the best possible price. Some pallets on arrival need to be repaired and this is done on site. Our stock holding is currently in excess of 150,000 pallets but this figure varies over the year from 100,000 to 200,000.

Excess pallet uplift requests are collected anywhere nationally within a 48 hour period.

These collections are carried out either by our extensive vehicle fleet or by selected haulage companies that have considerable experience in regularly uplifting pallets from busy distribution centres on behalf of Junction 4. These haulage companies were strategically chosen because their commercial strengths lie in different parts of the country. Collectively they offer complete coverage of the UK. Using the Junction 4 fleet with the sub contract haulage is a proven and successful combination.

Full loads of 360 or 520 pallets are uplifted and all necessary proof of collection documents are completed, signed and carried by the driver. After delivery to a Junction 4 site and after the pallet sorting process takes place we can provide a complete breakdown of all pallets received by type and quality per load.