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New Pallets

We manufacture standard and bespoke new pallets for a wide range of customers and in a wide range of quantities and sizes to your exact specifications.

The pallets are manufactured utilizing two machines, each capable of producing 3 pallets per minute. This facility is housed in a specifically designed building and is currently producing an average of 60,000 pallets per week. We operate a flexible shift system to meet any increase in demand from our customer base and also to cover any new customer requirements. During peak times we can operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

This ability to change quickly is essential to the high level of service we provide.

Within this facility we carry large stocks of various timber sizes which enable Junction 4 to react very quickly to any surge in demand.

As the pallets are produced to a very high specification and to exacting tolerances it is essential we follow various stringent quality checks. The quality of the timber and then the manufactured pallet is checked at various times;

  • a full timber QC check is made on arrival to Junction 4.
  • various operator checks including a visualcheck when placing the timber within the jig, a second visual check after the first nailing procedure and finally a visual check after the manufacturing is complete.
  • finally a Team Supervisor checks when the pallets are moved from the production line.

We have major contracts with leading British and European timber suppliers. We use a variety of suppliers from each area to achieve the best market price and to receive the best lead-times. These suppliers are based mainly within 3 areas – Home (Irish, Scottish and English) / Baltics / Chile.

All timber is purchased direct from FSC accredited saw mills.