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Used Pallets

At the heart of the company is the used pallet business. Our pallets are purchased from a wide variety of businesses, including our extensive list of blue chip retailers.

Pallets are sorted by type, size and quality before being added to our stocks. This wide range of pallet types means that not only can we guarantee the quality but also meet customers' needs exactly at the best possible price.

Used pallet orders are delivered anywhere nationally within a 48 hour period.

Some pallets need to be repaired and this is done on site. Our stock holding is currently in excess of 150,000 pallets but this figure varies over the year from 100,000 to 200,000.

We supply used pallets at very competitive rates to a range of customers at a rate of approximately 50,000 – 60,000 per week.

Junction 4 is constantly increasing its market share within the supply of used pallets. Therefore, we plan to use land we already own to increase the size of the used facility by approximately 4-5 acres, including the building of a new specifically designed office and expanded production facility.